Dancing with Logos

There is something about logos that I get excited about. I feel that in much the same way as we power-dress before going into the outside world Рlogos very much function the same way. They represent something about our organization, our project, or program, that we want to communicate with the world.

In my years of working with brands and products, having to work with either the creation of a new logo or working to re-create an old logo, excites me. To me, the process represents the acknowledgment of change as truly the only constant thing in the world. It symbolizes the need to constantly innovate, constantly be in tune with the times. Logos allow brands to tell their stories in one symbol, and over time, it creates a certain bond that allows a brand to easily connect with its customers, users and fans.

Here are 3 logos I feel strongly about and I feel incredibly lucky to have been leading the teams that created it.


In 2010, when I joined the newly formed Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO), which was formed when the former President split the former Office of the Press Secretary into two (2) new offices (the other one became known as the Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office or PCDSPO), our first task was to come up with the new office’s logo. It took us 3 gruelling months but I am happy with the result. I am also happy that the incoming Duterte administration has kept using this logo but merged the offices into just the Presidential Communications Office.


In October 2010, while I was Director for New Media under the Presidential Communications Operations Office, the organizers of the 4th Mindanao Bloggers Summit invited me to speak in Zamboanga City. Little did I know then that, that visit will change my life. While I was there, someone shared to me that they found a mangrove village where children have to swim to school and one thing led to another and the rest as they say is history. The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation logo has become iconic in the nonprofit world and the logo encapsulates what we do in a nutshell. I simply love it!


In 2012-2013, I became part of the 2013 Acumen Global Fellows Program and I traveled all the way to Lahore, Pakistan to work with Pharmagen Water, a social enterprise dedicated in helping underprivileged families in Lahore get access to safe, clean and affordable drinking water. I led a re-branding project that simplified their logo.

Logos tell a story and I believe the world will never tire of logos.

What story does your logo represent?