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Today, the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation got featured on the popular fan page called Non-profits on Facebook.  It is the main Page working to bring more social good to a connected world.

Here’s a screenshot of the feature story:

We’d like to thank Facebook for again showing their support to our project which quite incidentally started on the giant social media platform way back in 2010.

I am re-publishing the story here:

The Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation started as a simple Facebook status update on Jay Jaboneta’s profile. Jay found out that there were children in Zamboanga City in the Philippines that had to swim or wade through bodies of water to get to school. For children in Layag-Layag, they had to wade and swim for 2 kilometers and walk another .5 kilometers to the local Talon-Talon Elementary School. In the afternoon on their way back home, the kids walked 2.5 kilometers through mud during the low tide.

Jay was moved by this story and wanted to do something about it. He decided to raise funds for the kids so he could build boats to transport them to school and started a Facebook Page and Groups to build awareness and share the story with others.

To-date, the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation has built 150 yellow boats in three communities, a school in Masbate, a day-care center in Zamboanga and has raised over $30,000 in the last year through their Facebook Page. They have also used six different Facebook Groups, each led by different community leaders, to build awareness around the issue.

A great example of how the passion of one person can be amplified when they take simple action to educate others!

Thank you again to the team behind Non-profits on Facebook and to Facebook as well!

You may also view the story on the Non-profits page by clicking here.

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