CNN World View covers the swimming kids of Masbate

I never imagined that our efforts in the Philippine Funds for Little Kids to seek out and help kids who swim to school would one day be featured on CNN, here’s the link –

Our story started in Zamboanga City, specifically in Layag-Layag, Brgy. Talon-Talon where last October 30, I found out about a story where kids have to swim in order to go to school. Within a short period of time upon learning of the story, my friends which included Dr. Anton Lim of Zamboanga and marketing guru Josiah Go and I were able to raise enough funds to build these kids a boat and that’s how the Zamboanga Funds for Little Kids was born, which is still an organization devoted to helping the kids of Layag-Layag and their community up to this day, with the help of Tzu Chi Foundation – Zamboanga and the Rotary Club of Zamboanga. We are still raising funds for a community center, a solution to their potable drinking supply problem, and other basic needs.

Last June 2011, a good friend from Legaspi City, Dr. Ofelia Sy shared to me the story of the kids who swim to school in the island of Mababoy in Masbate.  This story was in turn shared to her by a DepEd regional official in the person of Mr. Justino Cabarles.

I was really surprised that the story of kids who swim to school was not confined to Zamboanga and so I in turn shared the story with a researcher from GMA News TV’s Brigada show. And last June 2011, GMA reporter JP Soriano and his team went to Mababoy and did a documentary on it. Donations immediately started to pour in after their feature story and that’s how the Masbate Funds for Little Kids was born.

Because of these projects being in two different areas, we as a group, decided to call it the Philippine Funds for Little Kids. And right now we’re still looking for communities where kids swim to school. We really feel its important that we as citizens become active participants in nation-building and become part of the solution. It’s the only way our country can move forward. And of course, these kids are the future of our country, its important we equip them with the right tools and knowledge.

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