4 days without power

I escaped two typhoons that ravaged Manila in the last 3 years since I was out of town (Ondoy 2009 and Reming 2012) but I couldn’t escape Superstorm Sandy in New York.

In the 4 days that power was out, I re-discovered my love for everything old school — boiling water to mix with very cold water so I can take a bath, reading in candle light, and carrying 3-gallon drinking water jugs 11 floors up. The first two I experienced while I was growing up. It made me feel human again.

It also made me remember the millions around the world today who still don’t have access to clean & affordable water, access to primary & secondary education, access to public libraries and electricity. These are moments that bring us back to the ground. Humbled and refreshed, I remembered why I am in New York in the first place – to find new ideas and solutions to these global challenges. I have never felt so alive.

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